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Discover the tulip with all your senses!

Tulip Experience Amsterdam is a getaway for the whole family! A visit to Tulip Experience Amsterdam is not only fun, but also very educational! We have created an adventurous scavenger hunt for children, in which they learn all about the magical world of the tulip in a playful way.

The new and authentic machines tell how the tulip growers grow and process the bulbs. In the show garden outside they can marvel at the hundreds of thousands of tulips and inside we have set up a special kids corner. Afterwards they can pick their own bunch of tulips.

The treasure hunt will be handed over at the entrance of Tulip Experience Amsterdam… let the adventure begin!


What’s more fun than learning while experiencing? To get out of school for a while and learn everything there is about growing the tulip. Increase your knowledge about the iconic Dutch tulip at Tulip Experience Amsterdam!

We have created an educational experience where students can learn everything about growing tulips, in a playful way. Various machines from over the years will show how the tulip growers grow and process the bulbs.

Outside in our show garden, 700 varieties and 1 million tulips are waiting to be photographed… well that’s an original class photo! Back inside everyone gets a glass of lemonade and can watch a video about the history of the Flower Bulb Region in our cinema. And last but not least, everyone can pick their own bunch of tulips in our indoor picking garden. The class is welcome to visit by bike (preferably!), car or bus.

Are you interested in visiting us? Please contact us by phone or e-mail to talk about dates and possibilities!

What will you learn at the Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

What are all the large tractors being used for?
How long does it take to grow a tulip in spring?
Why are tulip bulbs being peeled?

Why are all the tulip bulbs on the land, covered under a bed of straw in winter?
Why are the flowers being chopped off from the tulips in May?
Where do tulips come from?

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