Frequently asked questions

About Tulip Experience Amsterdam

What is Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Tulip Experience Amsterdam is a tourist attraction in the Flower Bulb Region (Bollenstreek), an area that is situated between Amsterdam and The Hague and is known for its colourful flower fields in spring. When you visit the Tulip Experience Amsterdam you will learn everything about the tulip and the bulb growers trade in an interactive way. Afterwards you can walk through the selfie/show garden and take the best photos among 1 million tulips (and 500 different varieties!). After shooting the perfect picture you get a cup of coffee/tea in the coffee corner and you can pick your own bunch of tulips in the indoor picking garden. Last but not least, you can buy beautiful products in our farmers market.

Who is Tulip Experience Amsterdam for?

The Tulip Experience Amsterdam is an amazing experience for all ages!

What to do when visiting Tulip Experience Amsterdam in bad weather?

Most of our experience takes place indoors, and we have taken measures to ensure your walk through the show garden will be dry!

Is Tulip Experience Amsterdam accessible for disabled people?

A visit to Tulip Experience Amsterdam is accessible for disabled people. All paths are wheelchair friendly, we have disabled toilets and parking spaces available.

How long does a visit to Tulip Experience Amsterdam take?

A visit to the Tulip Experience Amsterdam takes an average of 60 – 75 minutes.

When will Tulip Experience Amsterdam be open?

Tulip Experience Amsterdam is open every spring, this year from Saturday 19 March to Sunday 22 May 2022. We make an exception for schools; if you are interested, please contact us by sending us an e-mail via

Can I use a drone at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

No, this is not allowed.

Can I walk through the fields at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Yes, this is allowed with us, in contrast to the fields in the region. Our selfie/show garden offers endless possibilities to shoot beautiful photos between hundreds of thousands of tulips, or from one of the special photo points.

Is it possible to book a photo shoot at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Yes, you can simply book tickets for this via our ticket portal. If you prefer a private Experience for your photo shoot, you can send an email to We offer sunrise and sunset photo shoots on our field, outside our opening hours. We will send you the prices and options, after sending your e-mail.

Tickets and prices

How can I order tickets at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

You can order your tickets through our ticket portal.

I don’t have the option to book tickets online, how can I reserve tickets?

You can buy tickets at our ticket/information desk on location, at the entrance. Our colleagues are more than happy to help you!

I have booked tickets in a timeslot, how long in advance do I need to be present?

We would like to ask you to be present no later than 5 minutes before the start of your timeslot.

Can I book single tickets at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Most certainly, these can be booked through our ticket portal.

Can I book a guided tour at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Absolutely! Guided tours can be booked on request by sending an email to Guided tours are given in Dutch, English, German and French.

Do tickets have to be paid immediately at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Tickets have to be paid immediately after ordering them. Your payment can be made through iDeal, credit card, Paypal, etc. For a complete overview of the payment options, see our ticket portal.

Can I cancel my purchased tickets?

Tickets can be canceled, however we charge € 2.50 per order.

Can I rebook tickets to a different timeslot?

This is possible, tickets can be rebooked via the link you received in the confirmation email.

The day and timeslot I would like to visit Tulip Experience Amsterdam is not available. What to do now?

Unfortunately all tickets have been sold on this day and timeslot, try another timeslot or day.

Can I enter before or after my timeslot?

No, this is not possible. Tickets are linked to the timeslot on which they have been booked.

Are there special ticket prices for schools?

Yes, there are special ticket prices for schools. Tickets for schools and their supervisors can be booked including a guided tour by sending an e-mail to Sylvia Pennings via

Are there special ticket prices for groups?

Yes, there are special ticket prices for groups. These tickets can be booked through our ticket portal.

How will my ticket be scanned on location?

Your ticket will be scanned from your phone or from a printed version.

When is the best time to visit Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Because there are 500 different types of tulips in our show garden, there is always plenty in bloom during our season; early or late flowering tulips!

It’s less busy at Tulip Experience Amsterdam before 11 AM and after 4 PM. But, because we work with time locks, we ensure that our visitors always experience the optimal. If you would like to take the best pictures, the light is most beautiful in the beginning or at the end of the day (after 4 PM).

How long can I stay in the Tulip Experience Amsterdam with my booked ticket?

You can stay at Tulip Experience Amsterdam for about 60 – 75 minutes.

Route and parking

Where is Tulip Experience Amsterdam located?

Tulip Experience Amsterdam is located on the Delfweg in Noordwijkerhout, in-between Amsterdam and The Hague. It is easily accessible by car (it is next to an exit of the N206) and safely accessible by bicycle via a separate bicycle path next to the Delfweg.

Can I park at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Yes, this is absolutely possible. There is a large parking lot at Tulip Experience Amsterdam. To enter the Tulip Experience Amsterdam car park by car, make sure to put your printed parking ticket in the windshield of the car or show it clearly on your telephone.

What are the costs of a parking ticket at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

A parking ticket costs € 2.50 and can be purchased when you’re booking your tickets via our ticket portal. Because we have a fixed number of parking spaces, we ask you to buy your parking ticket online in advance. To enter the car park of Tulip Experience Amsterdam by car, make sure to put your parking ticket in the windscreen of your car or show it clearly on your phone.

How long can I park with my parking card?

You can park for 60 – 75 minutes at Tulip Experience Amsterdam. To enter the car park of Tulip Experience Amsterdam by car, make sure to put your parking ticket in the windscreen of your car or show it clearly on your phone.

Can I easily park my bicycle at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Absolutely, next to the entrance of the Tulip Experience Amsterdam there is enough space to park your bicycle or place it in the bicycle rack.

How can I travel to Tulip Experience Amsterdam by public transport?

We advise to take the train to Hillegom station, a train station in-between Haarlem and Leiden. The station is easy to reach from Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden or The Hague.

From train station Hillegom, take bus 57 towards Leiden and get off at the Ruigenhoek stop. From the Ruigenhoek it’s a 10 minute walk to Tulip Experience Amsterdam.

I can no longer book a parking ticket because they are no longer available, what should I do now?

This means that we no longer have parking spaces available in our parking lot. You can of course still buy tickets for our Experience, but it is best to park in the area or come by bicycle, (e-) scooter or public transport.

Food and beverage

Are there options to join lunch of have some snacks at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Absolutely, we have put together a delicious range of real Dutch delicacies. We also sell sandwiches and hot and cold drinks. We don’t sell alcoholic beverages.


I would like to work at Tulip Experience Amsterdam, where can I find the open vacancies?

So nice to hear that you are interested in working at Tulip Experience Amsterdam! We are always looking for enthusiastic go-getters. Keep an eye on this website, we will place vacancies on our vacancy page. Open applications may be sent to Sylvia Pennings via

Did you not find the answer to your question? Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at We are happy to help you!