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About us

A real family business!

Tulip Experience Amsterdam is part of an authentic Bulb Company, W.A.M. Pennings. A family company founded in 1951 by Wim Pennings, who is still active in the company today. Son Simon succeeded him in 1985. At Tulip Experience Amsterdam, the whole family (see picture below) is actively helping in the company! Granddaughter Sylvia runs the Tulip Experience together with father Simon and mother Hetty. Granddaughters Sophie, Lucy and Alice also help a lot, and even great-granddaughter Lola!

Tulip Experience Amsterdam was set up at the end of 2019, partly due to the increasing tourism in the flower bulb region and the associated pressure on the bulb fields. Tulips have always been the specialty of the nursery and with 450 different varieties grown there, we are happy to share the knowledge about tulip cultivation with our visitors. With our Experience we tell the story behind the tulip and offer visitors the opportunity to take great photos without damaging the precious fields in the flower bulb region.

Our mission

The increasing tourism and the current ‘selfie culture’ has had an impact on the precious tulip fields over the last few years. Visitors to the region often wander through the fields in search of the most beautiful picture. Often unaware of the fact that the fields are for production and are being destroyed when jumped over paths, or even walked across the fields! We want to inform visitors about this matter and offer the opportunity to shoot the perfect picture, without damaging the tulips and their bulbs. Our selfie/show garden offers endless possibilities to shoot beautiful photos between hundreds of thousands of tulips, or from one of the special photo points.

It is our mission and passion to share knowledge about tulip cultivation in the form of a unique experience. With a combination of education and experience, Tulip Experience Amsterdam increases knowledge about the biggest icon of the Netherlands. Because we are proud of the bulb grower’s profession, the Flower Bulb Region and the tulip!

We would love to welcome you in spring at Tulip Experience Amsterdam!

“We have been growing flower
bulbs with a lot of
passion for three generations

Simon Pennings

At Tulip Experience Amsterdam we like to do business sustainably: for example, we do not use plastic and we ask all visitors to visit us by bicycle as much as possible. In addition, the flower bulb nursery grows tulip bulbs with the Planet Proof quality mark, which is also used in vegetable cultivation and has been approved by Greenpeace. This means that we minimize the use of crop protection products and thus enable sustainable bulb cultivation.

Work at the Tulip Experience Amsterdam

Tulip Experience Amsterdam is looking for enthusiastic go-getters, every season! Open applications may be sent to Sylvia Pennings via

Tourguide (Dutch/ENG speaking)

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Special request

Do you have a special request or a question about your booking? We’re here to help and think along with you. Call us  or send us an e-mail!